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Disclaimer® is owned by, Inc. (Company) which is a registered corporation. The Company's secondary intent of this website is to provide information to developers and their representatives (i.e. - engineers, surveyors, architects, real estate salespeople,attorneys, financial institutions, title companies, etc.) along with anyone in the general population and for them to obtain information (as it is collected) for : (1) selected state agencies in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; (2) selected departments of the 67 counties within this State and (3) selected municipal information for each of the 2,566 municipalities located within this state.

The Company has obtained the various state, county and municipal information contained within this website from various sources. These sources include officials at (1) the various state departments; (2) the various counties located throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; and (3) the various municipalities located throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Company has also obtained information from websites which exist for: (1) the various state departments; (2) counties and their agencies; and (3) some of the municipalities who have websites. Additionally, various reference material and the use of outside consultants who have collected information were also utilized. The Company will do its very best in providing current information which can hopefully be updated approximately no more than one (1) year from the date found on the specific state, county or municipalities selected by the user. The Company would highly recommend that users verify the information with the specific state, county and municipalities at the time of the users intended use. The Company would also like to be notified by any user who feels outdated or incorrect information is found within any section of this site. Please e-mail us at and be very specific in the item and include the county and/or municipality including the county (if applicable).

However, the Company's primary intent of this site is to promote the various sponsors and service providers who have done work throughout the state including the counties and municipalities within this state. These sponsors and service providers have paid a fee for one (1) month to one (1) year to have their firm's included in this site. The service providers listed in the municipalities have claimed to the Company that they have done or are currently performing work in the specific municipality in which they are listed. They also have claimed to the Company to perform work in the category or categories in which they are listed. The county sponsors have claimed to the Company that they have performed work throughout areas of the county for which they are found to be a sponsor or at minimum have a physical presence in that specific county. The State sponsors have claimed to the Company that they have or are currently performing work throughout various areas of the State or at minimum have a physical presence in this specific state.

The Company will not be responsible for verifying the accuracy of any of the above claims. The Company would hope all of these sponsors or service providers listed are quality oriented firms. However, the Company is not responsible for the quality if any aspects for any of the firms. The site is promoted nationally and throughout this state by various means of advertising which is determined by the Company.

There is no fee charged to any user of the site as it relates to printing the selected information for the places of interest of you the user. However, this is a site which has taken much time and money to develop and also it's continuing up-dates. This site is also copyrighted and protected by all Federal Laws. Copying of this site is not permitted. Legal action will be brought by the Company against anyone or any entity trying to duplicate or retrieve information for monetary gain or otherwise.

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